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Dr. Martin Senftleben drmartinus at drmartinus.de
Thu May 1 15:35:46 BST 2014

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I just want to bring this up again, because it really annoys me. I
don't understand why the former way of handling this isn't being
restored again. Digikam has lost a lot of operability for me, and I
hardly like wiorking with digikam. If it weren't for some nice
features which I don't find elsewhere, I would have dropped using it.
BTW, I'm now at Kubuntu 14.4 with digikam 3.5.0, the problem is the same.

Am 02.01.2014 18:58, schrieb Anders Lund:
> Hi Martin,
>> I'm using 3.4 on Kubuntu 13.10 (64 bit) and was recently after a
>> pause again trying to edit some images. Usually, I use the editor
>> first to determine the image quality (the previews/thumbnails in
>> album view aren't good enough). For that, it would be nice to
>> have at the left side (or top) the list of images in the album,
>> so that I could just click on the next one to go on. However, the
>> editor shows in the borwse-list only one single image, the one
>> that is currently edited.
> Select all images you want to review in the digikam album view,
> with the one you want to start with as the curren one.

That's too cumbersome, because it may be a few hundred images, and I
may miss a few. Browsing through the album to get the complete range
takes time. It would be so much easier if the entire album would be
again in the thumbnail-list of the editor.

>> I.e. after having evaluated (and edited) that one image, I have
>> to close the editor, select the next image in the album overview
>> and then open the editor again. That's very cumbersome and kills
>> all joy. What did I wrong? Or is it a known bug? In previous
>> versions I never encountered such behaviour, though there were
>> some problems now and then which had been fixed in the meantime
>> (long time ago...).
> No need to cloce the editor, just switch to digikam album view,
> navigate the image you want and press F4.

That's not the easy way. The editor is in full screen, so I can see
the details clearly. To switch back to the album view and selecting
the next image takes a number of clicks which could be avoided.

> You may also just press PgDown in editor to go to the next image, I
> believe.

Tried it, doesn't work.

The other suggestion that came up to use the lighttable is of no use.
I always found lighttable difficult to handle, and the fact that I
can't see the pictures in full size makes it useless for my purposes.
It's just good enough for an overall comparison of two very similar
pictures, but not for the evaluation of individual images.

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