[Digikam-users] Canon EOS 6D

afuller afuller at wefu.org
Fri May 2 18:18:03 BST 2014

With both my Canons I have had to un-mount them before Digikam can find them, using the screen that now pops up (I had to set this up) when I connect the camera.  Worth a try! I am using Digikam 2.5.1 on Ubuntu 12.4 LTS.

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Date: Fri, 02 May 2014 07:58:47 +0000
From: Hans Muecke<digikam-ml01 at filderstadtweather.eu>
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Subject: Re: [Digikam-users] Canon EOS 6D
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Am 02.05.2014 06:21, schrieb Andy Gleeson:

> It turns out that the version of Digikam I am using is not the most recent so I will upgrade and try again. But in case it is of any use here is the info
> Digicam   2.8.1 running on Ubuntu 12.10
> My 7D is listed as "Canon Inc digital camera (auto detected) "  when I try to import from it I get the message  "failed to connect to camera please make sure it is connected and turned on" at this point I can go to the camera in file manager and manually copy the files from the memory card so it is not a connection issue.

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> Date: Thu, 01 May 2014 19:23:27 +0200
> From: Darryl Penny <dpenny at contrast.photography>
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> Subject: Re: [Digikam-users] Canon EOS 6D
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> On 24/04/2014 01:22 PM, Darryl Penny wrote:
>> Hey Bob,
>>> Just to check that we have the same problem, what environment are you
>>> using?  I am using the latest  Kubuntu but have had the same problem
>>> with Linux Mint 15
>> My last failed attempt was with Xubuntu 13.10. Sorry, but no error
>> log/screenshot for the following reason:
>> I very recently installed Linux Mint 16 (based on 13.10) and Digikam
>> with the intention of moving from Lightroom to Digikam. I love the idea
>> of FOSS and get a kick out of accomplishing the same or similar tasks
>> with non-proprietary software. I am an amateur photographer and therefor
>> do not have the same concerns as the professionals in the industry. But
>> I digress ...
>> I have yet to plug my 7D into Mint 16 with the latest Digikam from the
>> official repositories.
> I plugged my 7D into Mint 16 KDE with ALL latest software updates.
> Digikam shows my 7D but no photos to import. It gives plenty camera
> detail in Device Summary. It was found on Port: usb003,003, but the
> camera is not shown in Dolphin.
> Gwenview does not see it at all and suppies this error:
> "URL cannot be listed camera:/"
> Looks like I'll be using Lightroom for awhile longer ...
> Regards,
> Darryl
>> Darryl
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