[Digikam-users] Switch to newest lensfun version

Jan Wolter jan.wolter at uni-paderborn.de
Thu Jun 19 14:55:44 BST 2014


I'm using digikam 4.0, which I have installed from Michal Sylwester PPA. 
This version of digikam comes with lensfun 2.8, which auto correction 
tool does not support my lens "Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm 
f/2.8". I downloaded the newest version 2.9 of lensfun from the 
repository and found an updated version of the mil-olympus.xml file that 
lists my lens. Then I substituted the old mil-olympus.xml file under 
/usr/share/lensfun by the new one. But unfortunately, digikam's auto 
correction tools still does not support my lens.
Afterwards, I compiled lensfun 2.9 from source using cmake, which 
installed lensfun under /usr/local/share/lensfun. But this still has no 
positive impact of digikam's correction tool.
Then I replaced the lensfun installation under /usr/share/lensfun by the 
version under /usr/local/share/lensfun, which has the effect that the 
correction tool does not detect any lens now (even such lenses that were 
still supported by lensfun 2.8).
Does anyone know, how my digikam may use lensfun 2.9 that is installed 
under /usr/local/share/lensfun?

Best regards,
Jan Wolter

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