[Digikam-users] articuRe: Preview is "better" than RAW conversion?

Niels Ott niels at delta-b.net
Sun Aug 31 13:17:15 BST 2014


I'd be very happy to have this script. And a digiKam integration would
be so great.

After all, this would fit my purposes very well. I could give people a
pile of JPEGs and let them know: This is the automatic thing in reduced
resolution, if you want some of those in real good quality, just let me

So why not posting your script here, I don't see any problem with that.

I think this should make it into the extras menu, something like
"Extract JPEG preview from RAW"



Am 31.08.2014 um 14:08 schrieb Jeff Robinson:
> Hi folks,
> If it is of any interest, I bashed together a small script that will
> copy the preview JPEG (which I believe is full size and already
> processed) out of Pentax RAW (PEF) files.
> The script works (using ufraw-batch) against either a whole directory or
> will convert files based on names supplied, either single or multiple
> files.
> Once the JPEG has been extracted the script then copies the XMP file
> from the PEF to the JPEG and uses exiftool to write the EXIF information
> from the PEF to the new JPEG as well.
> In my current work-flow I keep everything RAW and only convert a few of
> the files to JPEG and process those by hand, but the ones I can't quite
> ever get where I want, these scripts come in incredibly handy.
> I can post them if folks want... I'm not certain if that's against the
> list policy.  The script is about 50 lines long.
> Now... if someone could figure out how to hook this script directly into
> Digikam I'd be ecstatic!
> Jeff
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