[Digikam-users] How to stop "watermark" reducing the size of the pictures?

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Fri Aug 29 09:23:41 BST 2014

Le 29/08/2014 09:53, Jan Wolter a écrit :
> I only remaining idea I have, is to send us a link to your picture and then we
> can try, if we get the same results.

I notice that if I save a picture in jpeg 100% I get a bigger jpeg than the 
original (expected), but when in the batch manager I have no way to setup the 
expected output format.

The resulting file is a bit bigger than the original (not surprising)

if I add the convert option to the batch manager, to jpeg 100%, the resulting 
file is much bigger (x3), but I have no way to know how are done the two 
operation. If they are sequential the result have no reason to be better than 
with watermark only



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