[Digikam-users] Running multiple instances of DigiKam?

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Sat Aug 2 18:49:09 BST 2014

> I just accidently started a second instance of digiKam,
> while the first one was still running.
> Could this lead to problems? Since two programms use the
> same database file at the same time?
> If so, I think digiKam should show a short warning:
> "Warning! Another instance of DigiKam is already running."
> (I still use digiKam 3.5.0. No time for update yet).
> Should I file a bug about this at bko? Couldn't find one there.

It should be safe to run multiple instances. SQlite uses file locking to 
protect its database, it is fully supported to access a db file concurrently. 
Read access from multiple instances will be fast.
Write access is already slow from a single instance, will be even slower from 
multiple instances. Enabling Write-ahead-logging may solve a lot of these 
problems (but there is not much experience with that from our side, and never 
dare to backup your db file if there's a -shm or -wal file still around)


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