[Digikam-users] Running multiple instances of DigiKam?

Peter Albrecht peter at crazymonkeys.de
Sat Aug 2 21:06:00 BST 2014


thanks all for your feedback!

So there is no potential problem, thanks to proper database
locking. Good to know.


On 02.08.2014 19:49, Marcel Wiesweg wrote:
>> I just accidently started a second instance of digiKam,
>> while the first one was still running.
>> Could this lead to problems? Since two programms use the
>> same database file at the same time?
>> If so, I think digiKam should show a short warning:
>> "Warning! Another instance of DigiKam is already running."
>> (I still use digiKam 3.5.0. No time for update yet).
>> Should I file a bug about this at bko? Couldn't find one there.
> It should be safe to run multiple instances. SQlite uses file locking to 
> protect its database, it is fully supported to access a db file concurrently. 
> Read access from multiple instances will be fast.
> Write access is already slow from a single instance, will be even slower from 
> multiple instances. Enabling Write-ahead-logging may solve a lot of these 
> problems (but there is not much experience with that from our side, and never 
> dare to backup your db file if there's a -shm or -wal file still around)
> Marcel
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