[Digikam-users] Sluggish use experience with external server and wifi?

eric e.longuemare at laposte.net
Fri Sep 20 08:28:51 BST 2013

Le vendredi 20 septembre 2013 à 01:56 +0300, Take a écrit :
> On 09/19/2013 10:20 PM, eric wrote:
> > Should you connect your laptop to LAN via ethernet (10/100 or gigabit ?)
> > and see if you have the same problem ?
> Sorry, I obviously should've stated this in inital post. I connected my
> laptop to ethernet (gigabit) and it's smooth(ish) all the way over
> copper link. The interface is a bit more sluggish than on my workstation
> but I'm assuming that's due to GPU (intel mobile vs. nvidia gt630).

I think wifi is not a good solution for big data over network : drop
packets .. fluctuation, and crypting is cpu, time ... consuming. If you
want only to look at pictures, it's ok, but for tagging ... not.

second point : I think you should have the same digikam on both laptop
and workstation : they is some change in database schema between 2.x.x
and 3.x.x, so it's must be one of the problem, right ?

Third point : As I'm not using samba shares but mounting the NAS with
CIFS, I don't know if using samba is a problem. But cifs mounting in
fstab is more convenient and seem to be faster. That's only my
experience and point of view.



> > Should you give OS, digikam version from both PC's and mysql version ?
> Digikam on laptop 3.1.0, on workstation 2.6.0. Mysql server 5.5.31,
> samba server 3.6.6. Libraries on laptop are from debian jessie, on
> workstation from debian wheezy, I don't know which versions are relevant
> on the issue.
> So, it seems to be that the network is causing the affect, but as I
> mentioned on previous post there's not much going on at the wifi-link
> during freezes, iptraf shows total traffic somewhere between
> 500-3500kbps while wifi can pull up to 50Mbps from the same samba share.
> Latency is obviously higher over wifi, but still average ping from
> laptop to server is around 4ms compared to <1ms over copper so I doubt
> that it doesn't play any major part.
> Additionally, I just noticed something which may be unrelated to the
> issue. When digikam is running there's quite a few of messages on the
> console:
> QFSFileEngine::open: No file name specified
> Digikam::ThumbnailCreator::load: Thumbnail is null for ""
> However I've got no idea if those are related to freezes or are they
> something I should take care in the first place.

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