[Digikam-users] Sluggish use experience with external server and wifi?

Take take at nerd.fi
Fri Sep 20 14:39:01 BST 2013

On 09/20/2013 10:28 AM, eric wrote:
> I think wifi is not a good solution for big data over network : drop
> packets .. fluctuation, and crypting is cpu, time ... consuming. If you
> want only to look at pictures, it's ok, but for tagging ... not.

I can't really see how tagging would be more resource expensive than 
just viewing the photos, but it doesn't really matter at this case since 
the same behaviour occurs regardless of actions at hand, digikam just 
freezes occasionally.

I agree that wifi isn't the best solution for heavy lifting, but still 
it should be quite enough for simple(ish) management of albums. I've got 
the separate workstation for traffic intense activities (adding more 
pictures, backups etc), but as far as I can tell wifi should still be 
more than enough for basic usage.

> second point : I think you should have the same digikam on both laptop
> and workstation : they is some change in database schema between 2.x.x
> and 3.x.x, so it's must be one of the problem, right ?

It might cause the error messages, however I tried to build 3.4.0 by 
myself and it's not really simple task. Additionally even if I finally 
succeeded on the build the binary is very unstable, I suppose it's due 
to older version of some kde-libraries, and to build everything up to 
date by hand would cause even more additional work. However I assume 
that different versions wouldn't cause freezing?

> Third point : As I'm not using samba shares but mounting the NAS with
> CIFS, I don't know if using samba is a problem. But cifs mounting in
> fstab is more convenient and seem to be faster. That's only my

As far as I know there is only cifs-utils for samba mounts anymore and 
smbfs has been deprecated. However, I'm using cifs as well to connect to 
samba server.

Long story short, I still don't know what to do to improve digikam usage 
over wifi, and it's pretty much essential on my environment. I don't 
mind if it takes a while for the images to load, but those occasional 
freezes of digikam without any apparent reason are an issue I'd like to 
get fixed.


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