[Digikam-users] Sluggish use experience with external server and wifi?

Take take at nerd.fi
Thu Sep 19 23:56:52 BST 2013

On 09/19/2013 10:20 PM, eric wrote:
> Should you connect your laptop to LAN via ethernet (10/100 or gigabit ?)
> and see if you have the same problem ?

Sorry, I obviously should've stated this in inital post. I connected my
laptop to ethernet (gigabit) and it's smooth(ish) all the way over
copper link. The interface is a bit more sluggish than on my workstation
but I'm assuming that's due to GPU (intel mobile vs. nvidia gt630).

> Should you give OS, digikam version from both PC's and mysql version ?

Digikam on laptop 3.1.0, on workstation 2.6.0. Mysql server 5.5.31,
samba server 3.6.6. Libraries on laptop are from debian jessie, on
workstation from debian wheezy, I don't know which versions are relevant
on the issue.

So, it seems to be that the network is causing the affect, but as I
mentioned on previous post there's not much going on at the wifi-link
during freezes, iptraf shows total traffic somewhere between
500-3500kbps while wifi can pull up to 50Mbps from the same samba share.
Latency is obviously higher over wifi, but still average ping from
laptop to server is around 4ms compared to <1ms over copper so I doubt
that it doesn't play any major part.

Additionally, I just noticed something which may be unrelated to the
issue. When digikam is running there's quite a few of messages on the
QFSFileEngine::open: No file name specified
Digikam::ThumbnailCreator::load: Thumbnail is null for ""

However I've got no idea if those are related to freezes or are they
something I should take care in the first place.


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