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Le 02/09/2013 10:38, cgw993 at aol.com a écrit :
> Greetings,
> I just installed Digikam. My review of the software so far –

I read all the subsequent posts before answering to this one

> 1. Digikam opened at least 3 separate connections the internet. Why?!

Before shouting you could have asked simply that. This is a perfectly normal question.  **Where am I shouting?**

But then you have to give some details.

* how did you notice that? (to allow others to replicate the fact) **Check your firewall, usually there is a list of internet enabled programs. Find everything that sounds like it is from Digikey and disable internet access.  All of mine were enabled to use internet with NO disclosure**
* is that true at first install, before any option is changed by you? ** This should never be on by default! Duh!, this is the same thing as saying it is ok to spy on a user since they wont know how to detect it anyway **

is the later is right, there is a problem. IMHO, such option as going goggle map to geolocalize should *not* be active by default, eventually added by an install dialog.  **This is such a fundamental violation of a  persons privacy that it is next to impossible to imagine this was an "oops we did not think of of doing that" defect. Simply "discussing" the future change for years accomplishes nothing, the fact that it was there by default means it is going to stay there permenantly likely because of a grant from Google and others.  I would uninstall the software.    

**Another note - Be careful how you uninstall the program because you may find that the internet enabled files remain behind after the uninstallation. How is that for respect for the users?  I would suggest users get a program like Revo uninstaller pro or similar to clean up the remaining files the origial program "forgot" to remove**

this is my own personal advice, and can be discussed here, and if most people agree, I'm sure it wil be included in future releases.

> 2. Digikam does not make it easy to navigate drives/folders on the 
> computer to find photos.  This is the entire  point of photo 
> management software to begin with!

wrong. The point of management software is *not* to scan your disk to find photos - this is extremely against privacy! If you like it, use picasa!  **I don’t want the program scanning my computer. Most even beginning computer users know how to navigate their own drives and folders. Scanning collects data for Google and others and has very little to do to helping the user **

If you didn't yet organize your photos, it's time to do so.

> Profiting by spying on and data mining users data is fine I guess

no, it's not. But, anyway, this means having a way to store the info.   **You are making this into "Just Trust Me Sotware... Trust us, yes we are scanning your entire hard drive and have open internet connects but its because we just want so much to help you! **

Did you trace the internet calls to see where the data is stored? May be your digikam file is compromised. **This is more misleading salesman BS**  ** "Oh just ignore those internet connections" or "No one else has them...provided they somehow know how to disable all the features turned on by DEFAULT"

 On Windows I often have seen perfectly clean programms packed by other download centrers and filled with addwares or malwares (I just had this problem last week), but this is not digikam fault.

Sincerely  **There is nothing sincere about your answers above if you are a programmer.   The responses seemed downright misleading I am sorry to say**
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