[Digikam-users] Greetings

Remco Viƫtor remco.vietor at wanadoo.fr
Mon Sep 2 11:18:28 BST 2013

On Monday 02 September 2013 02:29:20 cgw993 at aol.com wrote:
> That is the stand by defense of software companies today, "prove we are
> abusing the users".  The review is intended, not for the users that have 
> interest in this software, and there are usually plenty of them camping 
> on these mailing lists, but rather to the user that may simply not know 
> that type of thing happens all the time.   When a company profits by 
> on and abusing the users, that is essentially theft, actually it is worse
> because it is the kind of damage that keeps on damaging and the user has 
> control or recourse.
> If the internet connections are not disclosed to the  user in a clear way 
> then the software package is likely doing things that  you would likely 
> said no to.   The "salesmen" types camping here will try hard to convince
> users that that isn't the case will not explain why the connections are
> there without user consent.  

Informing other users is one thing, spreading slander is another.

You still offer NO proof whatsoever for your accusations. To go to the 
Ubuntu case: there the accusers presented their observations and 
methodology, so others could check, as is the basis of open source.
Your accusations are perfect closed source: "here are my conclusions, take 
'm or leave 'm"


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