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Ok here we do, the mailing list is getting ready to censor me.  Now I am
"slandering" the software.  Either use your firewall, or read about nestat
an all of its parameters to check for internet enabled files.   Using the
firewall is likely much easier assuming you have a reasonable quality
firewall software.   I am not slandering the program at all.  It does in
fact have open internet connections that are not disclosed to the user.

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On Monday 02 September 2013 02:29:20 cgw993 at aol.com wrote:
> That is the stand by defense of software companies today, "prove we 
> are abusing the users".  The review is intended, not for the users 
> that have
> interest in this software, and there are usually plenty of them 
> camping
> on these mailing lists, but rather to the user that may simply not 
> know
> that type of thing happens all the time.   When a company profits by 
> on and abusing the users, that is essentially theft, actually it is 
> worse because it is the kind of damage that keeps on damaging and the 
> user has
> control or recourse.
> If the internet connections are not disclosed to the  user in a clear 
> way
> then the software package is likely doing things that  you would 
> likely
> said no to.   The "salesmen" types camping here will try hard to convince
> users that that isn't the case will not explain why the connections 
> are there without user consent.

Informing other users is one thing, spreading slander is another.

You still offer NO proof whatsoever for your accusations. To go to the
Ubuntu case: there the accusers presented their observations and
methodology, so others could check, as is the basis of open source.
Your accusations are perfect closed source: "here are my conclusions, take
'm or leave 'm"

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