[Digikam-users] digikam not showing Darwin Core metadata

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Tue Nov 26 08:37:30 GMT 2013


In fact, in XMP metadata viewer, there are 2 display mode (as in exif,
makernote, iptc)

1/ Custom : you can set XMP tags to display in digiKam/Setup/Metadata
2/ Full : all most important namespaces for photographers are filtered
and displayed.

Yes, in Full mode, tags are listed by namespace here :


As you can see, i don't set a darwin core space, because it's not
relevant of photography, but medical.

My proposal :

1/ Rename "Full Mode" to "Photograph Mode".
2/ Add new mode button to not filter tags. This will also display all
unknown tags by Exiv2 in hexadecimal.
3/ Do the same for all metadata viewers as Exif, Makernote, and Iptc.

All code relevant is in this folder :


You will see that all viewers GUI code are factored in same parent
class metadatawidget.cpp, especially the Mode button. Filtering is
implemented in model class metadatalistview.cpp

Note : Do not use reviewboard to post a patch. Just use the bugzilla entry...

Gilles Caulier

2013/11/26 Remco Viƫtor <remco.vietor at wanadoo.fr>:
> On Tuesday 26 November 2013 00:47:19 Alan Pater wrote:
>> Darwin Core is a set of XMP metadata for use by biologists working in the
>> field. It allows them to add metadata for things like the species name,
>> age, sex, etc.
>> That data does not show up in digikam. Is there something I have to
> toggle
>> to get it to show?
>>  Exiv2 can show the data:
>> $ exiv2 -p x H750-A-11-12-07-1553-Eirbar.JPG
>> Xmp.dc.rights                                LangAlt     1
>> lang="x-default" CC
>> Xmp.dc.type                                  XmpBag      1  StillImage
>> Xmp.dwc.Event                                XmpText     0  type="Struct"
>> Xmp.dwc.Event/dwc:habitat                    XmpText    11  Terra Firme
>> (...)
>> Xmp.dwc.dctermsLocation/dwc:locality         XmpText    35  Rio Tiputini,
>> 50 KM East of El Coca
> From what I've seen in Digikam, it can only display data it knows about, so
> any other metadata will not be shown (and can't be read or written) .
> XMP is basically XML, so the metadata has the labels included (have a look
> with a binary editor, like Okteta), which is why Exiv2 can display the
> metadata with labels, and without the schema being known to the developers.
> So when displaying selected items in the metadata, Digikam can only show
> items known at compile time ('hard coded'). You /might/ be able to see
> other items when showing the full list (metadata tab in the right bar, XMP
> item, click on the button with a screen on it, not the portrait). As I
> don't use other metadata than those provided by Digikam, I cannot be sure,
> though.
> Wrt metadata: There's a lot of information in the different tabs, and they
> are grouped according to type/camera/schema. Would it be possible  to get
> an option to close/open all the subsections in one go (at least in the
> configuration dialog: there's a lot of camera-specific parts in the
> makernote section, and to most users only a few are relevant...)
> With a hint where to look I could try and implement such an option myself
> (and submit a patch, ofc).
> Remco
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