[Digikam-users] digikam not showing Darwin Core metadata

Jean-François Rabasse jf at e-artefact.eu
Tue Nov 26 09:34:55 GMT 2013

On Tue, 26 Nov 2013, Remco Viëtor wrote:

> From what I've seen in Digikam, it can only display data it knows 
> about, so any other metadata will not be shown (and can't be read
> or written) .

Right. (From my personal use.)

> So when displaying selected items in the metadata, Digikam can only show
> items known at compile time ('hard coded'). You /might/ be able to see
> other items when showing the full list (metadata tab in the right bar, XMP
> item, click on the button with a screen on it, not the portrait). As I
> don't use other metadata than those provided by Digikam, I cannot be sure,
> though.

The answer is : no :-)
I use non standard metadata and the Full list option shows only known
data, checked or unchecked in the Metadata settings.
To see unknown data, one has to use another viewer, e.g. Gwenview, or
command line tools.


PS: my personal opinion is that non standard (or as Gilles said, non 
strictly photographic data) support is a complicated problem.
XMP has been thought to be extensible, the X stands for that, and many
schemas exist in different communities.
Should an application software as Digikam implement (hard coded) all
existing schema and ingest all new schemas as they are created ?
Sounds like an endless task.
Perhaps a good direction could be to use specific configuration files
a user could setup to describe relevant data ?
(In my previous message I mentionned exiftool because Phil Harvey 
decided not to implement all possible schemas, but to feature a syntax
and configuration file .ExifTool_config to let the user declare
anything. Looks probably the only solution to support extensibility.)

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