[Digikam-users] digikam not showing Darwin Core metadata

Remco Viƫtor remco.vietor at wanadoo.fr
Tue Nov 26 08:13:48 GMT 2013

On Tuesday 26 November 2013 00:47:19 Alan Pater wrote:
> Darwin Core is a set of XMP metadata for use by biologists working in the
> field. It allows them to add metadata for things like the species name,
> age, sex, etc.
> That data does not show up in digikam. Is there something I have to 
> to get it to show?
>  Exiv2 can show the data:
> $ exiv2 -p x H750-A-11-12-07-1553-Eirbar.JPG
> Xmp.dc.rights                                LangAlt     1
> lang="x-default" CC
> Xmp.dc.type                                  XmpBag      1  StillImage
> Xmp.dwc.Event                                XmpText     0  type="Struct"
> Xmp.dwc.Event/dwc:habitat                    XmpText    11  Terra Firme
> (...)
> Xmp.dwc.dctermsLocation/dwc:locality         XmpText    35  Rio Tiputini,
> 50 KM East of El Coca

>From what I've seen in Digikam, it can only display data it knows about, so 
any other metadata will not be shown (and can't be read or written) .

XMP is basically XML, so the metadata has the labels included (have a look 
with a binary editor, like Okteta), which is why Exiv2 can display the 
metadata with labels, and without the schema being known to the developers.

So when displaying selected items in the metadata, Digikam can only show 
items known at compile time ('hard coded'). You /might/ be able to see 
other items when showing the full list (metadata tab in the right bar, XMP 
item, click on the button with a screen on it, not the portrait). As I 
don't use other metadata than those provided by Digikam, I cannot be sure, 

Wrt metadata: There's a lot of information in the different tabs, and they 
are grouped according to type/camera/schema. Would it be possible  to get 
an option to close/open all the subsections in one go (at least in the 
configuration dialog: there's a lot of camera-specific parts in the 
makernote section, and to most users only a few are relevant...)

With a hint where to look I could try and implement such an option myself 
(and submit a patch, ofc).


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