[Digikam-users] Existing Images don't appears in Digikam

Andrew Goodbody ajg02 at elfringham.co.uk
Mon Mar 4 16:25:30 GMT 2013

My guess is that you have accidentally grouped some images. Look for 
images, in the directory where there are some not shown, with an icon 
with a number in it, to the lower right of the tumbnail. This means that 
there are grouped images. Right-click and choose to ungroup will restore 
all images to view.


On 01/03/13 23:48, dantou 9 wrote:
> Hi
> I'm on Digikam for more of 3 years and doesn't have this mistake.
> I'm on DGK 2.6.0 version, and on Mageia OS
> Some images (why them ?) don't appears. In a same directory, I've images
> I can see, and another ones I can't.
> They are recognized by Dgk, because when "reconstruction of thunbnails"
> is clicking, Dgk works and I can see their thumbnails on the little
> working window on back-right. And I can see them if I want to save
> another file in their directory. But the files don't appears at screen !
> Only "jpeg" images are concerned in this instance (.jpg or .jpeg) , but,
> than I don't know why this happen, I can't say for another format in
> original format.
> I've try to rename them, copy them on another name (but in the same
> format), on another directory : nothing
> But, if I change their format (by opening them with Dolphin in
> Gwenview), I can see the new one for .Tiff and .PNG format, but not in
> .PGM format !
> And, afetr, if I save the .PNG in .JPG, I see it, even if I change it of
> directory !
> The rights are the same for all, the owner so.
> I've ~ 40 000 images, and I can't verify their existence in DGK for all
> of them. The problem appears to me because I search one , dont find it,
> and by verifying with Dolphin.
> How can I trust in Dgk if I don't know ?
> What can I do ?
> Thanks, Dan
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