[Digikam-users] Problems with Digikam 3.2 (Kubuntu backport or general?)

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Thu Jun 27 19:05:22 BST 2013

Le 27/06/2013 19:56, Peter Albrecht a écrit :

> I never tried to understand this combined logic. But since
> this has been mentioned on the mailing list, I want to add
> my two cents. ;)

I also had such problem, but never found an universal solution. The 
180 versus 90 bug was present in all digikam old versions, but I think 
it desapeared recently (openSUSE), but I usually do not rely anymore 
to digikam for this.

gwenview don't seems to have the bug, so may be it's a kde library the 

but I fear that sometime on whatever software, the tag is not read but 
the side ration instead, frinally I giveup and some of my photos in 
gallery are not rightly oriented.

notice that piwigo have now a rotate option, but this one do not 
always work neither, so why I suspect the problem come from an 
underlying library.

what makes things worst is that some *display" software use the tag to 
rotate, but not all, so it's difficult to know what is the status of 
an image



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