[Digikam-users] New Tool: Tags Manager

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Wed Jun 26 20:59:42 BST 2013

Le 26/06/2013 20:11, Peter Albrecht a écrit :

> But in case of your TODOs:

I would also like to see a way to import/export tags from *others* 

Fort example piwigo as a gallery have a tag feature, that only stay in 
it's database (not in the images).

I would like to import these tags in digikam database.

It's pretty easy: I don't ask for tags to be merged in digikam at 
once, all the contrary, they can be imported as "piwigo/tags", it can 
be done from any mysql dump (text file, sql queries).

it could be very usefull if the tag management could consolidate all 
these tags. I could see several columns (split screen), with, for 
example, one column for database tags, an other for photos tags, a 
third for piwigo tags... and of course way to select them and copy then.

in a database this could be very fast. to/from images this should be 
done very carefully, may be delayed

but may be there is an other thread to discuss your project



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