[Digikam-users] Sort issue on start up - bug or settings issue?

Anders Stedtlund falolaf at gmail.com
Tue Jun 4 12:18:29 BST 2013


(Haven't seen any answer for this question so I appologize if I have missed

This is a bug in the settings. They are not preserved or they are actually
not used as default.
There is a bug in the tracker here:


2013/6/3 Carl McGrath <cmcgrath5035 at comcast.net>

> I am running Digikam, currently ver 3.2.0, on openSUSE 12.3 with KDE
> 4.10.3 desktop.
> I update Digikam from the repositories when they become available, so my
> settings migrate forward.
> I have noticed, I believe starting with 3.0 or perhaps 3.1, the following:
> When I insert an SD card into multimedia reader, I get the KDE popup
> asking what actions to take, and I select "Import to Digikam"
> Digikam starts up, opens the main window, the suggestion of the day window
> and on top the import window showing the pictures on my SD card.
> What seems "wrong" is that the SD card contents are displayed in
> Date-Ascending order.
> My defaults for the folder are Date-Descending.
> When I select View:Image Sorting Order I see that the radio button is
> selected for Descending, I click it and the desired sort happens.
> Is there a setting somewhere to get this sort to run(automatically) on
> startup?
> I don't see anything in ~/.kde4/share/apps/digikam/ that would help.
> Thanks
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