[Digikam-users] Sort issue on start up - bug or settings issue?

Carl McGrath cmcgrath5035 at comcast.net
Mon Jun 3 12:58:00 BST 2013

I am running Digikam, currently ver 3.2.0, on openSUSE 12.3 with KDE 
4.10.3 desktop.
I update Digikam from the repositories when they become available, so my 
settings migrate forward.

I have noticed, I believe starting with 3.0 or perhaps 3.1, the following:

When I insert an SD card into multimedia reader, I get the KDE popup 
asking what actions to take, and I select "Import to Digikam"
Digikam starts up, opens the main window, the suggestion of the day 
window and on top the import window showing the pictures on my SD card.
What seems "wrong" is that the SD card contents are displayed in 
Date-Ascending order.
My defaults for the folder are Date-Descending.
When I select View:Image Sorting Order I see that the radio button is 
selected for Descending, I click it and the desired sort happens.

Is there a setting somewhere to get this sort to run(automatically) on 
I don't see anything in ~/.kde4/share/apps/digikam/ that would help.


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