[Digikam-users] raw and jpeg-files should "stick together"

H. Jürgen Karbach HJKarbach at gmx.de
Wed Feb 20 18:04:50 GMT 2013

Am Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2013, 11:01:23 schrieb Peer Heinlein:
> Am 17.02.2013 22:16, schrieb H. Jürgen Karbach:
> Hi Jürgen,
> thanks for your long and helpful answer. Sounds good -- sounds like
> Digikam can already do what I need...
> > In the Import section you can chose the Structure.
> > 
> > Based on camera provided information about the image date and choosen
> > file suffix of the pictures to be saved, digiKam can use this to
> > automatically create subalbums in the destination Album and move / copy
> > downloaded files.
> But I wasn't able to find the menue to set this up.
> I'm using Digikam 2.6.0 -- does this version already support that? Could
> you give me a hint where to find this option?

1. Connect our camera via USB or insert a memory-card.
2. Chose "Import" and then the device (cam or card)
3. Find on the right site the preferences of the import workflow.
	eventually you need to chose the preferences-tab on the right.

I'm not sure, if it work well with your wanted structure:
.../RAW then date-directories.
Because there only checkboxes for suffix-based and date-based subdirectories.
In my case - date over suffix - it works well.
But don't know, if you can toggle this to suffix over date.

in this side-window you can also select your prefered lossless file format.

By creating a new collection and test-directories, you can pla and test 
digicams behaviour.
> > In your case it seems to be recommended to set a different structure. 1)
> > 
> > /home/user/Pictures/
> > --------------------------------RAW
> > --------------------------------TIFF, PNG or JPG
> Yipp! I'll do that!
> > As long as you move a file only with digiKam the RAW and JPG will stay
> > corelated.
> Great!
> Peer

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