[Digikam-users] raw and jpeg-files should "stick together"

Den schimmelpilz at freenet.de
Wed Feb 20 21:16:58 GMT 2013

Hi Peer, hi Jürgen,

for tagging pictures I always hoped Digikam would one day treat RAW 
and JPG
file as virtually one file. So tagging this virtual file would set the 
same tags to
both, the RAW and the JPG.

With your solution of to part RAWs and JPGs to different subfolders, 
my photo
collection might get a bit more "tidy" (I currently just hide the 
RAWs, as long as I
do not need them).
But how do you do tagging in this constellation? The only solution I 
can currently
imagine is tagging only the JPG files and then do a tag based search by

(1) find certain JPG by tag and remember the file's filename
(2) switch to the RAW folder and search or the same filename (with RAW 

Works well for one file - but how do you search for a bunch of files 
(e.g. a certain
person with photos spread over different folders)?

Do you have any experience with this? A hint would be great ;-) Thanks!


Am 20.02.2013 19:04, schrieb H. Jürgen Karbach:
> Am Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2013, 11:01:23 schrieb Peer Heinlein:
>> Am 17.02.2013 22:16, schrieb H. Jürgen Karbach:
>> Hi Jürgen,
>> thanks for your long and helpful answer. Sounds good -- sounds like
>> Digikam can already do what I need...
>>> In the Import section you can chose the Structure.
>>> Based on camera provided information about the image date and choosen
>>> file suffix of the pictures to be saved, digiKam can use this to
>>> automatically create subalbums in the destination Album and move / copy
>>> downloaded files.
>> But I wasn't able to find the menue to set this up.
>> I'm using Digikam 2.6.0 -- does this version already support that? Could
>> you give me a hint where to find this option?
> 1. Connect our camera via USB or insert a memory-card.
> 2. Chose "Import" and then the device (cam or card)
> 3. Find on the right site the preferences of the import workflow.
> 	eventually you need to chose the preferences-tab on the right.
> I'm not sure, if it work well with your wanted structure:
> .../RAW then date-directories.
> Because there only checkboxes for suffix-based and date-based subdirectories.
> In my case - date over suffix - it works well.
> But don't know, if you can toggle this to suffix over date.
> in this side-window you can also select your prefered lossless file format.
> By creating a new collection and test-directories, you can pla and test
> digicams behaviour.
>>> In your case it seems to be recommended to set a different structure. 1)
>>> /home/user/Pictures/
>>> --------------------------------RAW
>>> --------------------------------TIFF, PNG or JPG
>> Yipp! I'll do that!
>>> As long as you move a file only with digiKam the RAW and JPG will stay
>>> corelated.
>> Great!
>> Peer
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