[Digikam-users] raw and jpeg-files should "stick together"

H. Jürgen Karbach HJKarbach at gmx.de
Sun Feb 17 21:16:45 GMT 2013

Am Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013, 11:57:10 schrieb Peer Heinlein:
> Hi,
> with my Canon I'm making photos in jpeg and raw at the same time. So I
> have the same picture twice: IMG_1234.JPG and IMG_1234.RAW.
> I would love if Digikam could detect those twins and handle all file
> operations on those twins simultaneously.
> Moving the JPEG into another album should also move the raw-file.
> Deleting one of them should also delete the other file-type.
> Sorting pictures in Digikam could be much easier with that. Is there
> already any way to do this or do I have to open a feature request...?
> I'd also love if Digikam should be able to have "mirrored album paths"
> for that. I'd like to use my smaller, but fast SSD for my jpeg-files and
> my huge but slow SATA-disk for raw-files.
> So I'd love to have
> /home/peer/Pictures/album1/holidays/*.jpg
> and the "big brother" of that:
> /media/usb-disk/Pictures/album1/holidays/*.raw
> Creating a new album
> /home/peer/Pictures/album1/summer
> should also create
> /media/usb-disk/Pictures/album1/summer
> at the same time.
> Moving the jpeg-file into another album, should do the same with the
> twin-raw-file in the second path as explained before.
> Downloading files from my camera should sort put all jpeg-files into the
> path, the twin-raw-files into the second path. If for any reason there's
> just one file-type of a picture (e.g.: just a raw-file) Digikam should
> put the single file always into the main path.
> Peer

Hi Peer,

it all depends on how you structured your directories.

I myself use following structure:

--------------------------------Year/---------------------------------------ISO-Date (YYYY-MM-
RAW---------------------------------------------------------------------------TIF alternatively 

(TIFF / PNG because of 16-Bit-Quality)

This structure also provides backups best; my opinion.

In the Import section you can chose the Structure.

Based on camera provided information about the image date and choosen file 
suffix of the pictures to be saved, digiKam can use this to automatically create 
subalbums in the destination Album and move / copy  downloaded files.

In this way I craete and fill the structure above.

Other tools to solve your problem are
     *  Thumbnail path (MySQL)Default /home/user/Pictures/thumbnails-digikam.db

     *  Picture path (MySQL)Default /home/user/Pictures/digikam4.db

     *  mountpoint of your data-storages (RAW-directory [HDD] / JPG-directory 
[SSD])Its recommended to have two SSD-Partition (OS and pictures)

In your case it seems to be recommended to set a different structure. 1)
/home/user/Pictures/--------------------------------RAW--------------------------------TIFF, PNG or JPG
setting the mountpoints to 
     *  sda5…/Pictures/JPG [SSD Picture Partition] and 
     *  sdb1…/Pictures/RAW [HDD]
The thumbnails are, what you see outside the image editor.Somewhere I read 
also in lighttable section you be shown only thumbnails.So that's what should be 
on the SSD to perform your work.

1) 	But you don't need to know where the pictures are on your 
storage.	That's the part of the database / digiKam!	As long as you 
move a file only with digiKam the RAW and JPG will stay 		
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