[Digikam-users] raw and jpeg-files should "stick together"

Peer Heinlein p.heinlein at jpberlin.de
Sun Feb 17 10:57:10 GMT 2013


with my Canon I'm making photos in jpeg and raw at the same time. So I
have the same picture twice: IMG_1234.JPG and IMG_1234.RAW.

I would love if Digikam could detect those twins and handle all file
operations on those twins simultaneously.

Moving the JPEG into another album should also move the raw-file.
Deleting one of them should also delete the other file-type.

Sorting pictures in Digikam could be much easier with that. Is there
already any way to do this or do I have to open a feature request...?

I'd also love if Digikam should be able to have "mirrored album paths"
for that. I'd like to use my smaller, but fast SSD for my jpeg-files and
my huge but slow SATA-disk for raw-files.

So I'd love to have


and the "big brother" of that:


Creating a new album


should also create


at the same time.

Moving the jpeg-file into another album, should do the same with the
twin-raw-file in the second path as explained before.

Downloading files from my camera should sort put all jpeg-files into the
path, the twin-raw-files into the second path. If for any reason there's
just one file-type of a picture (e.g.: just a raw-file) Digikam should
put the single file always into the main path.


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