[Digikam-users] Photographic Properties

Rainer Dorsch ml at bokomoko.de
Mon Dec 23 17:02:57 GMT 2013


I have in some photos some quite old photographic properties


I updated the EXIF information from 4.6.2010 to 9.11.2013

rd at blackbox:~/Rohdaten/digiKam/Import$ exif --ifd=EXIF DSC00735.JPG|grep Date
Date and Time (Origi|2013:11:09 15:00:75
Date and Time (Digit|2013:11:09 15:00:75
rd at blackbox:~/Rohdaten/digiKam/Import$ 

but digikam is not updating its fields (see attachment).

Does digikam cache this information, if yes can I force a cache update?

If not where, does digikam get the information from?


Rainer Dorsch
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