[Digikam-users] digiKam 2.5.0: missing photos

Aleck Mueller myuller.aleck at ya.ru
Tue Aug 27 11:05:38 BST 2013


On Ubuntu 12.04 LTS I am going to use digiKam instead of default Shotwell,
so I installed package digiKam and set up the root album at first run
with a collection of photos already in it. Checking the result of first
scanning of the collection I have found that 3 photos of 1205 are missed
in one of subalbums although ls shows they are there. I chose one of them
for testing:
1) moved it to another directory, launched digiKam and imported it
again - without result;
2) purged and then installed package digiKam again - the same;
3) launched digiKam in terminal window - there were several messages
complaining about *.mov files in albums but this one is jpg-file;
4) looked at the metadata of the chosen file by means of console program
exif - they looked like normal.

What is wrong?

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