[Digikam-users] Advices for a new cpu + mobo + ram - probably Off Topic

Peter Mc Donough mcd-mail-lists at gmx.net
Wed Aug 14 09:06:54 BST 2013

Am 11.08.2013 16:48, schrieb Peter Mc Donough:
> Am 11.08.2013 12:07, schrieb ultimateclem:
> The graphics chip with OpenGL and 3D should be supported out of the box.
> It saves some trouble on the long run if you are not forced to use any
> proprietary drivers.
> OpenGL promises faster processing with some filters "real soon now".
> 3D capabilities tell you something about Linux compatibility.

The following might interest you, something I copied from the darktable list


Re: [Darktable-users] DT with a Intel HD Graphics (Haswell) integrated card?
Von: Robert William Hutton <rwh at helms-deep.cable.nu>
Datum: 13.08.2013 16:26
An: Darktable-users <darktable-users at lists.sourceforge.net>

On 13/08/13 15:19, Jiew Peng Lim wrote:

> Has anyone had any experience running DT
> on a Linux machine that only has integrated
> graphics from Intel (from a Haswell
> processor)? I'm considering ultrabooks for college and not all of them
have dedicated graphic cards, but I don't want to
> count them out. I'm mainly asking if there is openCL support, because
it really speeds things up, even if the card isn't
> very good with openCL.

Do you know how much RAM gets dedicated to the GPU?  It needs to be
somewhere close to 1GB or darktable will refuse to
use it.

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