[Digikam-users] Face detection/recoginition drives me mad :-(

Fabian Scheler fabian.scheler at gmail.com
Sun Aug 11 18:28:20 BST 2013

Hi digikam-community,

I am using digikam now for several years and I really looked forward
to the current digikam release 3.3.0 as it finally promised face
recognition. The downside is, that my current experiments are really
disappointing :-(

Currently, it is just not possible for me to do a complete face scan
on my complete database as this crashes digikam reproducibly. At
first, everything seems to work fine. After a while however, the
progress bar gets stuck and I can observe that there is just a single
digikam thread left causing 100% load on one core, the other digikam
threads apparently are dormant. The next step normally is that digikam
crashes and I get an "abortion" notice on the command line
("Abgebrochen" in german).

I already tried to vary my setup: I used sqlite/mysql as database
backend, I emptied my databases and my settings, I only used a very
small fraction of my photo collection, I used multiple threads/a
single thread for the scan - but I did not have success :-(

Another annoying thing is that I just get this "Abgebrochen"-message
on the command line - I do not get a stack trace and I do not know how
to produce a detailed debug log for digikam (I have installed
appropriate debug-info-packages).

Can anyone out there observe similar problems? Is this possibly a
digikam-problem or a packaging issue (I run openSUSE 12.3/KDE 4.10.5
and I installed digikam 3.3.0 from the KDE 4.10 Buildservice
Repository). Any hint is appreciated!

Ciao, Fabian

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