[Digikam-users] where is the user support?

Peter Mc Donough mcd-mail-lists at gmx.net
Sat Aug 3 21:56:52 BST 2013

Am 03.08.2013 20:58, wrote ELLIOT SMITH:
> I am looking for a photo management application, so I downloaded digikam
> to give it a try, and I found some features that are broken, so I thought
> I would check the support docs and forum to see if I could get any help,
> and I found that the support docs
> a) suck,
> b) are buried and hard to find
> c) something about how I can't use them until I download and install them,
> but no link to do so... so maybe there are better docs that I could get if
> only there were a link to download them?

Welcome to the world of Digikam.
I have been running Digikam successfully for quite a while.

If you have a problem with Digikam, this list may be able to help you.
Have also a look at http://www.digikam.org/

Within my system I just have to click the help button and there it is.
Digikam is opens source, free of charge, and very powerful. Which means, 
you will have to invest some effort to unlock that power.

You should include some information about your system and specify the 

For example my system runs digikam Version 3.2.0, unter KDE 4.10.5 
"release 1", OS is opensuse 12.3.
It also runs under Windows, which I don't use for photo management

> And there is a mailing list.  Very retro.

Yes, you get the information via email and can read it when you have 
spare time. Some like it that way and not being retro doesn't 
automatically mean "advanced".

Have fun

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