[Digikam-users] No Thumbnails Using DigiKam 2.7.0 Under Windows XP (SP3)

7mgte 7mgte at miniblue.net
Tue Sep 18 01:44:00 BST 2012

Greetings All!

Having a bit of problem with DigiKam 2.7 under Windows XP -- no thumbnails.  
I wound this in the DigiKam FAQ (http://www.digikam.org/drupal/node/39):

Thumbnail generation fails on large files

Q: On all my albums, digikam fails to generate thumbnails on some images. 
The only pattern I can spot is that it fails on largish files (bigger than 
1MB).  When the thumnails are generated, the ones that fail appear at first
and then are replaced by the broken picture icon.

A: try changing the following setting:

kcontrol->kde components->file manager->
      Previes & Metadata (tab)->Maximum file size

My only problem is that I cannot find kcontrol.  Best I can tell it only 
under Linux.

Any suggestions?



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