[Digikam-users] writing tags to the files

Johan van Noooten subsidiarity3 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 01:55:58 BST 2012

Hello All,

I'm using digiKam 2.6.0 on openSuse 12.2. I'm trying to write my digiKam
"tags" as tags in the files themselves so that I can access them across my
computers and operating systems. I think I'm supposed to be able to do this
by using the "Album" menu and choosing "write metadata to images" or under
"Image", select "write metadata to selected images". It also seems to be
possible from the "captions/tags" tab on the right side, where there is a
"more" button at the bottom that you can press and select it. I'm hoping
then that I will be able to right click on a picture in, for example,
dolphin (or windows explorer when they're viewed in Windows), access its
properties and see the tags listed under "information" This does not seem
to work. I don't seem to be writing them to the exif (I hope I have the
name right) data on the .jpg.  It seems to be trying to write the
information sometimes (I get the progress bar moving, but only with the
captions/tags route), but no information is written. The tag does not
appear under "information" in file properties in Dolphin. Thanks in advance.

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