[Digikam-users] Import images - [dir] and [dir.] but no directory separator allowed?

Kyle Altendorf kyle.altendorf at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 22:06:36 BST 2012

Hi All,

OS: Kubuntu 12.04
digiKam: 2.8.0 (from Philip's PPA)

For possibly forever I have kept my downloaded photo files in the same
structure as they were on the card (/DCIM/108_09/IMG_5769.JPG on my
SX40).  The digiKam downloader window seems to support all the
'options' I want (including the unique feature as sometimes when I
swap cards the silly camera reuses numbers, sometimes) except that
despite offering [dir] and [dir.] I can't find any way to have actual
directories created from them.  The custom rename string I would like
to use is:


By using copy and paste I was able to override the restriction against
'/' but surprise surprise...  it doesn't work and results in a slashed
circle icon rather than the successfully downloaded star indicator.
Perhaps what I would really like is for the 'Auto-creation of Albums'
section to support all the options that the 'File Renaming Options'
section offers.

I am also curious as to how the downloaded tracks what files it has
already downloaded...?

Thanks for any comments or pointers on this topic.


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