[Digikam-users] Downloading photos from facebook

John Stumbles john at stumbles.org.uk
Sun Sep 16 10:48:07 BST 2012

I wanted to download a set of photos a friend had posted on facebook. 
Manually right-clicking and saving-as looked like being painfully 
tedious so I googled for tools to automate the task. And whaddya know, I 
find that digikam can do this right out of the box!

I know I've mostly posted about what digikam can't (yet) do (or what I'm 
having difficulty with) but I want to express my appreciation for all 
the things it can do! This really is a great piece of software!

With regard to the download from facebook feature may I offer an 
enhancement request? Facebook seems to identify images with 15-digit 
numbers, monotonically increasing for photos in a given set. However 
digikam prepends various 6-digit numbers (and an underscore) to 
facebook's 15-digit strings, throwing out facebook's ordering. Could 
this be changed to preserve facebook's ordering of photos?

(One can, without too much difficulty, remove digikam's prefix e.g. 
using the ren-regexp script like: ren-regexp '/\d*_//' in the album 

John Stumbles                                    http://stumbles.org.uk

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