[Digikam-users] Main Digikam image window is blank following MacPorts software upgrade

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 13:08:20 BST 2011


I use also the macbook of my wife through macport to test compilation
under MACOSX.

Which version of KDE you use. Me i still under 4.6.3. i tried 4.7.0
without success. Sound like something is broken with KIOSlave API from
KDElibs. I see the same dysfunction than you...


Gilles Caulier

2011/9/25 Phil Stanford <phil.stanford at gmail.com>:
> Hi -
> I've been using Digikam on my MacBook Pro for a while, using MacPorts.
> I had one or two issues getting Digikam 2.0.0 running having upgraded from
> the previous MacPorts version (1.9?), but nothing major and it has been
> running stably (I'm only really playing with it at the moment, but there
> haven't been any crashes or instabilities).
> I've been awaiting the arrival of Digikam 2.1 on MacPorts, and the other day
> decided to update any underlying software, so I would be more ready for
> Digikam 2.1 when it came out.
> Under MacPorts I did the usual 'port selfupdate' and then 'port upgrade
> outdated'.
> When trying to start Digikam 2.0.0 following the upgrade, I initially got an
> error from 'DrKonqi' but rebooting the MacBook fixed this and I was able to
> restart Digikam.
> There were no errors or crashes,  but I found that although in 'Albums' view
> all my image folders were still correctly listed on the left-hand pane, no
> thumbnails or any other image information were visible in the main Digikam
> window. Also the icon for each folder looks different, as shown in the
> attached file.
> All my tag structure was intact, but the 'Timeline' view doesn't show any
> images either.
> If I do a 'rebuild thumbnails' on any or all folders, I can see that the
> process is happening (ie the photos are present in the file structure and a
> small icon flashes up for each one during the rebuild) and it completes
> normally - but nothing changes, I can still see no images at all.
> Today I spotted that MacPorts had been updated to the 2.1.1 version of
> Digikam, so I installed that.
> The build went through with no problems, and Digikam restarted OK, but still
> there is the same problem with no images.
> I've checked as hard as I can that there are no filters open anywhere; I do
> have an image in the 'fuzzy search' panel, with no obvious way to delete
> that or tell if the search is active (but even that ought to return at least
> one image!)
> I've had a look at the SQLite database with a Mac-based app, and although I
> don't understand the schema in detail, all tables seem to have data in there
> that doesn't look corrupt.
> So, I'm at a loss to know why a previously-running version 2.0.0 stopped
> working in this way following the update of the underlying dependencies.
> If necessary it wouldn't be a problem to drop the database and start again
> as I've not really done too much, apart from to set up the tag hierarchy.
> Would another way be to delete the main collection (though this has a green
> tick against it in 'preferences').
> Any thoughts on how to rectify this issue would be welcome.
> Thanks
> Phil
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