[Digikam-users] Main Digikam image window is blank following MacPorts software upgrade

Phil Stanford phil.stanford at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 13:22:37 BST 2011

Hi -
I've been using Digikam on my MacBook Pro for a while, using MacPorts.
I had one or two issues getting Digikam 2.0.0 running having upgraded from
the previous MacPorts version (1.9?), but nothing major and it has been
running stably (I'm only really playing with it at the moment, but there
haven't been any crashes or instabilities).

I've been awaiting the arrival of Digikam 2.1 on MacPorts, and the other day
decided to update any underlying software, so I would be more ready for
Digikam 2.1 when it came out.

Under MacPorts I did the usual 'port selfupdate' and then 'port upgrade

When trying to start Digikam 2.0.0 following the upgrade, I initially got an
error from 'DrKonqi' but rebooting the MacBook fixed this and I was able to
restart Digikam.
There were no errors or crashes,  but I found that although in 'Albums' view
all my image folders were still correctly listed on the left-hand pane, no
thumbnails or any other image information were visible in the main Digikam
window. Also the icon for each folder looks different, as shown in the
attached file.

All my tag structure was intact, but the 'Timeline' view doesn't show any
images either.
If I do a 'rebuild thumbnails' on any or all folders, I can see that the
process is happening (ie the photos are present in the file structure and a
small icon flashes up for each one during the rebuild) and it completes
normally - but nothing changes, I can still see no images at all.

Today I spotted that MacPorts had been updated to the 2.1.1 version of
Digikam, so I installed that.
The build went through with no problems, and Digikam restarted OK, but still
there is the same problem with no images.
I've checked as hard as I can that there are no filters open anywhere; I do
have an image in the 'fuzzy search' panel, with no obvious way to delete
that or tell if the search is active (but even that ought to return at least
one image!)

I've had a look at the SQLite database with a Mac-based app, and although I
don't understand the schema in detail, all tables seem to have data in there
that doesn't look corrupt.

So, I'm at a loss to know why a previously-running version 2.0.0 stopped
working in this way following the update of the underlying dependencies.

If necessary it wouldn't be a problem to drop the database and start again
as I've not really done too much, apart from to set up the tag hierarchy.
Would another way be to delete the main collection (though this has a green
tick against it in 'preferences').

Any thoughts on how to rectify this issue would be welcome.
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