[Digikam-users] Any thoughts on RAM needs?

Paul Verizzo paulv at paulv.net
Tue Sep 13 03:26:42 BST 2011

Running on Windows XP, dK opens LOTS of running processes, mostly 
something called kioslave.exe.  All told, right about 600K total.  I'm 
down to 2 GB, having had a couple of sticks fail over time.  In process 
buying more.

Adobe Photoshop Elements takes 48K.  Quite a difference, although since 
I hate Adobe products generally and RAM is relatively cheap, I've no 
problem with dK's memory appetite.

(Both memory requirements are noted after only opening the programs.  
I've seen the kioslave.exe numbers go up and down during use.)

But regardless, I was wondering if there is any official advice or 
observations beyond "More is better!"  I have no idea how much dK takes 
in Linux.



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