[Digikam-users] No need to read this, just expressing my feelings: Digikam makes geotagging very easy

Martin Burnicki martin.burnicki at gmx.de
Mon Sep 12 18:30:38 BST 2011


Rinus Bakker wrote:
> Hi,
> Still exploring the unimaginable amount of digikam features, I tried today
> first time geotagging. Till now I thought why all that trouble and I know
> where I make pictures, bla bla bla.
> But actually the pictures I took 40 jears ag (yeah yeah, I know), I
> remember it was in some country not even existing today anymore, but not
> much more specific than that.
> I never used this function before, I even never looked at it or read about
> it. Nonetheless within a few minutes it was done, that is what I call great
> software!

Just a short time I also started to geotag my photos, for the same reason. I 
had some older photos and didn't know anymore where exactly they had been 

Even though it's a great DK feature to be able to locate the position where a 
photo has been taken in Google maps, and the save the location in the photo, 
it's even more phantastic if you have a GPS tagger in your pocket when you're 
on a tour. After the tour you can just load the GPS track as GPX file, and 
run DK's geo correlator to assign the location to all photos automatically.

I've bought this small device which is really great:

It's small, very sensitive, and works with the built-in battery for about 10 
hours. You can just put it into your pocket or photo bag when you're on a 

After return, the gpsbabel program can be used to save the track under Linux 
to a file, and then DK can import this and geotag all the photos you've taken 
on your tour.

The only thing to take care about is that the date and time in your camera 
have been set correctly to a few seconds.


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