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Op 08-09-11 16:51, Paul Verizzo schreef:
>> "Well, than you have at least access to your pictures. In my situation I
>> have usually no issues with moving my db around, just telling digikarc
>> where I left it.
>> If you want to try I can give more specific info. Probably no big deal
>> to put it on D."
>>     Yes, I could. Until this "glitch", I've had the databse files
>>     tucked away in C:\Documents and Settings\....\name\application
>>     data\digiKam Database.
>>     Automatically included in Carbonite backup, and safely separate
>>     from my data partition.
>>     I'd like to get Wubi to see the C drive for repair purposes, too.
>>     I'll fire it up later today perhaps and copy the instructions how
>>     to share it. Perhaps someone can tell me what to do woth the info.
Sorry, I do not understand what you are saying, try in Dutch.

Do I understand right that you succeeded to make your c drive visible in 
Ubuntu? First of all I would propose to post it here and see if it is 
reproduceble by others. That would be very helpfull to get some 
understanding around here.

I have in the meantime probably the issue running digikam in virtual box 
under windows solved, as far as it is solvable. I am actually doing stuf 
in digikam this way with my existing database and photo collection. but 
(to paul) you are ¨(un)fortunately¨ in a different situation now and it 
is probably worthless to you by now.
I need to test a few more setup scenarios to be sure enough to share my 
procedure, but will be released probably within 24 hours.

There stays one problem which seems unsolvable, it is not possible to 
copy files, not in nautilus, not in dk. You can move them but not copy. 
It gives an error: slicing problem.

>> R
>> If you think with a minimum of honesty, you have to recognize it's not the
>> same thing to support a proprietary technology and an open one.
>> NTFS is a proprietary tech, so it's understandable it takes some times to
>> be supported by Linux...
>>     Absolutely! No problem understanding why it took some years to
>>     unlock the secret codes. FAT, of course
>>     was known to all who wanted it.
>> Traditional Linux Filesystems are mainly "opensourced", so it would be
>> easy for Microsoft to support it, but it never does that. MS has no reason to support it.
>>     And now tell me where there's something wrong ? I was only
>>     pointing out that the "playing nice" quality you attribute was
>>     only recently attained.
>> I don't know Wubi, so I don't know how Wubi use partition, but NTFS
>> filesystem comport some information about owner and permission, so it's
>> not easy as with FAT32 filesystem, you may have some options to define if
>> you want to use NTFS.
>>     True that, but I think it has to do with Wubi running on the what
>>     it identifies as the host partition. Presumably doesn't want you
>>     messing with that. OTOH, it sure stops a Windows user dead in
>>     his/her tracks from using files or data on the C partition. Safe,
>>     but not
>>     real bright.
>> In the other hand, I don't really understand what is the problem with
>> Virtualbox since the only thing you need is to set shared folders in
>> Virtualbox parameters and access them by network share on guest system.
>>     VB has the same issues of ownership and being able to open and
>>     use the NTFS partitions. Can it be worked around? Yes, the VB
>>     PDF tells you how, as I mentioned. "All you need to do open
>>     terminal........." and enter a whole lot of text. Jeeeeeez. As a
>>     friend
>>     used to say, "I just want to know what time it is, not how to
>>     build a clock." I just want to use VB, not learn Linux just to
>>     do something that should have been built into the Guest
>>     Additions. How often does one ever need to open the Command Line
>>     box in Windows to enable something in an application? Answer: never.
>> --
>> Nicolas Boulesteix
>> Hi photonoxx,
>> There are so many combinations of different virtual box versions, linux
>> versions, hardware and so on and so further that you can not assume that
>> if something works on system x it should do it necessarily on system y too.
>> If you think that there is one procedure for us all and say ,as some
>> others too, ?it?s easy?, well show us how, a lot of people have trouble
>> with it, maybe it could help if you give us a detailed instruction.
>> Doing as oracle virtual box says: ?mount -t vboxsf something somewhere?
>> does not result in an fully accessible drive. Maybe the makers of
>> VirtualBox have not a good understanding of Linux.
>> Rinus
>>     Exacto-mundo! Running Windows in a Linux VB is easy! Just look at
>>     the difference in the PDF. Running a successful VB
>>     with Guest Additions with a Windows host and a Linux Guest is a
>>     nightmare. Different instructions for each family of
>>     Linux, and the need for entering code into the terminal.
>>> --
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