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Photonoxx photonoxx at free.fr
Thu Sep 8 17:58:37 BST 2011

Le Thu, 08 Sep 2011 16:51:02 +0200, Paul Verizzo <paulv at paulv.net> a écrit:
> NTFS is a proprietary tech, so it's understandable it takes some times to
> be supported by Linux...
> Absolutely! No problem understanding why it took some years to unlock  
> the secret
> codes. FAT, of course
> was known to all who wanted it.
> Traditional Linux Filesystems are mainly "opensourced", so it would be
> easy for Microsoft to support it, but it never does that. MS has no  
> reason to support it.
> And now tell me where there's something wrong ? I was only pointing out  
> that the
> "playing nice" quality you attribute was only recently attained.

Nothing is wrong if you mention that it's not a VB or Linux matter but a  
MS one...

Ntfs writing is present in main Gnu/Linux distro and since more than only  
a couple of years now (since 4 years and half if I trust Wikipedia), so  
it's not so recently attained neither.

> In the other hand, I don't really understand what is the problem with
> Virtualbox since the only thing you need is to set shared folders in
> Virtualbox parameters and access them by network share on guest system.
> VB has the same issues of ownership and being able to open and use the  
> partitions.

Yes, but if you look at my next message, may by using standard Windows  
sharing you could have a better result. Just say to Windows to share the  
folder without minding about permission...

> Can it be worked around? Yes, the VB
> PDF tells you how, as I mentioned. "All you need to do open  
> terminal........."
> and enter a whole lot of text.

It's the same thing if you use Windows Guest on a linux Host, you have to  
set the access to your shared folder with a command line.

But even in a linux guest, you probably could use a graphical way to  
access your shared folder.

> Jeeeeeez. As a friend
> used to say, "I just want to know what time it is, not how to build a  
> clock."

It is 18h51 !

> I just want to use VB, not learn Linux just to
> do something that should have been built into the Guest Additions. How  
> often
> does one ever need to open the Command Line box in Windows to enable  
> something
> in an application? Answer: never.

More and more often Linux doesn't need the command line to do something,  
but sometime, one command line is more convenient than ten graphic  

In Windows you could have to use command line, or regedit or some other  
obscure things. You could also encounter the case where you simply can't  
do something in windows, just because there's no graphical interface to do  

World is not perfect, regardless the OS you use.

A minimum a learning is necessary.
Nicolas Boulesteix
Photographe chasseur de lueurs

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