[Digikam-users] re NTFS and Wubi

sleepless sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl
Wed Sep 7 18:47:59 BST 2011

Op 07-09-11 19:38, Paul Verizzo schreef:
> "I think one of the advantages of Linux is that it plays well with
> others. Getting Windows to read ext3 HDD's is a pain, Linux will read
> anything."
> Ummmmm......it wasn't but a few years ago that NTFS was a complete 
> mystery to Linux.  First, read capabilities, later, write. A major 
> step forward.
> "Hi Paul,
> Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience. First time I here 
> about WUBI. I understand it intalls Ubuntu under windows.
> Few questions:
> Does it give you a native ubuntu started from within windows, or does 
> it run on top of windows?
> Are your drives mounted or mountable as they are in native ubuntu?
> Does digikam run without trouble?
> Can you use existing db?
> Rinus"
> Hi, it runs native on NTFS as a dual boot. I appear to have been 
> confused (too many Linux installs lately!) about mounting my NTFS 
> partitions w/o issue.  It shows my D:500_DATA perfectly, as is, in the 
> menu.
Well, than you have at least access to your pictures. In my situation I 
have usually no issues with moving my db around, just telling digikarc 
where I left it.
If you want to try I can give more specific info. Probably no big deal 
to put it on D.
> However, my C:WINDOWS_OS partition doesn't.  My error.  It does show 
> in the Host folder of the Linux directories.  However, I am so far 
> unable to get it to share with me, saying I don't own it. "OF COURSE I 
> DO!!! I own the computer, I'm the only one using it, blah blah!"  :)
> I get a message that I'm supposed to type something somewhere. Another 
> Linux secret handshake head banger.
> Digikam runs w/o trouble, I think.  Since I can't "own" my C:\ 
> partition which is where my database is, I can't say with certainty. I 
> won't extensively try it until I can do that. No reason it shouldn't.
> I'm sure if I ever get that ownership issue resolved......and I think 
> it's a Wubi thing, not seen in native Ubuntu, IIRC, it will be fine.
> Paul
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