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Photonoxx photonoxx at free.fr
Wed Sep 7 19:01:51 BST 2011

Le Wed, 07 Sep 2011 19:38:16 +0200, Paul Verizzo <paulv at paulv.net> a écrit:

> "I think one of the advantages of Linux is that it plays well with
> others. Getting Windows to read ext3 HDD's is a pain, Linux will read
> anything."
> Ummmmm......it wasn't but a few years ago that NTFS was a complete  
> mystery to Linux.  First, read capabilities, later, write. A major step  
> forward.

If you think with a minimum of honesty, you have to recognize it's not the  
same thing to support a proprietary technology and an open one.

NTFS is a proprietary tech, so it's understandable it takes some times to  
be supported by Linux...

Traditional Linux Filesystems are mainly "opensourced", so it would be  
easy for Microsoft to support it, but it never does that.

And now tell me where there's something wrong ?

> "Hi Paul,
> Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience. First time I here about  
> WUBI. I understand it intalls Ubuntu under windows.
> Few questions:
> Does it give you a native ubuntu started from within windows, or does it  
> run on top of windows?
> Are your drives mounted or mountable as they are in native ubuntu?
> Does digikam run without trouble?
> Can you use existing db?
> Rinus"
> Hi, it runs native on NTFS as a dual boot. I appear to have been  
> confused (too many Linux installs lately!) about mounting my NTFS  
> partitions w/o issue.  It shows my D:500_DATA perfectly, as is, in the  
> menu.
> However, my C:WINDOWS_OS partition doesn't.  My error.  It does show in  
> the Host folder of the Linux directories.  However, I am so far unable  
> to get it to share with me, saying I don't own it. "OF COURSE I DO!!! I  
> own the computer, I'm the only one using it, blah blah!"  :)

I don't know Wubi, so I don't know how Wubi use partition, but NTFS  
filesystem comport some information about owner and permission, so it's  
not easy as with FAT32 filesystem, you may have some options to define if  
you want to use NTFS.

In the other hand, I don't really understand what is the problem with  
Virtualbox since the only thing you need is to set shared folders in  
Virtualbox parameters and access them by network share on guest system.

Nicolas Boulesteix
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