[Digikam-users] re NTFS and Wubi

Paul Verizzo paulv at paulv.net
Wed Sep 7 18:38:16 BST 2011

"I think one of the advantages of Linux is that it plays well with
others. Getting Windows to read ext3 HDD's is a pain, Linux will read

Ummmmm......it wasn't but a few years ago that NTFS was a complete mystery to Linux.  First, read capabilities, later, write. A major step forward.

"Hi Paul,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience. First time I here about 
WUBI. I understand it intalls Ubuntu under windows.
Few questions:
Does it give you a native ubuntu started from within windows, or does it 
run on top of windows?
Are your drives mounted or mountable as they are in native ubuntu?
Does digikam run without trouble?
Can you use existing db?

Hi, it runs native on NTFS as a dual boot. I appear to have been confused (too many Linux installs lately!) about mounting my NTFS partitions w/o issue.  It shows my D:500_DATA perfectly, as is, in the menu.

However, my C:WINDOWS_OS partition doesn't.  My error.  It does show in the Host folder of the Linux directories.  However, I am so far unable to get it to share with me, saying I don't own it. "OF COURSE I DO!!! I own the computer, I'm the only one using it, blah blah!"  :)

I get a message that I'm supposed to type something somewhere. Another Linux secret handshake head banger.

Digikam runs w/o trouble, I think.  Since I can't "own" my C:\ partition which is where my database is, I can't say with certainty. I won't extensively try it until I can do that. No reason it shouldn't.

I'm sure if I ever get that ownership issue resolved......and I think it's a Wubi thing, not seen in native Ubuntu, IIRC, it will be fine. 


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