[Digikam-users] Rating Pyramid (database subset statistics)

Johnny yggdrasil at gmx.co.uk
Fri Sep 2 17:06:39 BST 2011

sleepless <sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl> writes:

> As this is a user list, supposed to be photographers rather than programmers,
> there might be some more guiding needed for us to be able to play with
> it.
You need to have Python 2 installed and the mentioned Python modules
(sqlite, tkinter). I posted tentative instructions for Fedora, as this
is the platform I use and am familiar with. If you have this
installed, just :

1) download the script
2) make it executable (as superuser)
   [type your su password]
   chmod 755 ./ratingpyramid.py
3) run the script from the command line
   ./ratingpyramid.py /your/path/to/digikam_images.db
   (Change the path to the full path to /your/ digikam db however!)

> Or if it not is meant for us to play with you should maybe post it in the
> devellopers list, although I would rather see the programmers work on the core
> of digikam instead of implementing such fancy stuff.
I guess it is individual whether it is "fancy stuff" or an efficient
tool in your digital asset management workflow, as introduced in the
digikam handbook [1] which inspired the development. It is certainly a
worthwhile read, whether you choose to follow it or not!

> Op 01-09-11 22:28, Johnny schreef:
>     Picking up an old thread as this was a good challenge while learning
>     Python coding! The attached Python script creates a rating pyramid
>     for the entire database. Currently, it creates two pyramids, one
>     with /all/ ratings and one with only 1-5 ratings (to avoid a wide base
>     that makes the top ridiculously small if one has many lowly rated
>     images).
>     Admittedly, this is not the greatest and most flexible thing, but a
>     concept if someone is inclined to build on it further, in particular it
>     would be great to run only for subalbums or other subsets of the DB.
>     This was written using Python 2.7.1. To use, that needs be installed as
>     well as the pyton modules sqlite and tkinter. The path to the digikam database
>     must be supplied as a command line argument.
>     ./ratingpyramid.py /your/path/to/digikam_images.db
>     The necessary python modules can be installed by (on Fedora)
>     : yum install python python-sqlite2 
>     Also, don't forget to make the script executable:
>     : chmod 755 ratingpyramid.py
>     Example view:
>     Cheers!

[1] http://docs.kde.org/development/en/extragear-graphics/digikam/dam.html


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