[Digikam-users] Rating Pyramid (database subset statistics)

sleepless sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl
Fri Sep 2 09:13:43 BST 2011

Hi Johnny,

Nice work, It shows good how hard it is to make a level 5 rated picture.

As this is a user list, supposed to be photographers rather than 
programmers, there might be some more guiding needed for us to be able 
to play with it.
Or if it not is meant for us to play with you should maybe post it in 
the devellopers list, although I would rather see the programmers work 
on the core of digikam instead of implementing such fancy stuff.


Op 01-09-11 22:28, Johnny schreef:
> Picking up an old thread as this was a good challenge while learning
> Python coding! The attached Python script creates a rating pyramid
> for the entire database. Currently, it creates two pyramids, one
> with /all/ ratings and one with only 1-5 ratings (to avoid a wide base
> that makes the top ridiculously small if one has many lowly rated
> images).
> Admittedly, this is not the greatest and most flexible thing, but a
> concept if someone is inclined to build on it further, in particular it
> would be great to run only for subalbums or other subsets of the DB.
> This was written using Python 2.7.1. To use, that needs be installed as
> well as the pyton modules sqlite and tkinter. The path to the digikam database
> must be supplied as a command line argument.
> ./ratingpyramid.py /your/path/to/digikam_images.db
> The necessary python modules can be installed by (on Fedora)
> : yum install python python-sqlite2
> Also, don't forget to make the script executable:
> : chmod 755 ratingpyramid.py
> Example view:
> Cheers!
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