[Digikam-users] Help needed on ubuntu 11.10

sleepless sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl
Wed Oct 26 11:58:24 BST 2011

Op 26-10-11 12:52, Martin (KDE) schreef:
> Am 26.10.2011 12:27, schrieb sleepless:
>> Thanks for all who tried to cheer me up a little.
>> In return to the list some serious info here probably only useful to
>> Ubuntu users.
>> If you are on Ubuntu 11.04 and you are tempted to download something,
>> hold your breath a few seconds and make sure you update and NOT upgrade.
>> If you do upgrade to 11.10 the following may happen:
>> - your system does not start anymore
>> - your restored backup does not start anymore eyther.
>> So please follow philips´s advice and make a clean install and do only
>> so after a real backup of your system. fsarchiver is your friend.
>> Now you will find the new system probably not as much fun as you hoped for.
>> You may succeed to get rid of unity and overlay scrollbar, but gnome
>> environment is not what it used to be. IMHO the great OS ubuntu has
>> evolved within 6 months to a useless peace of crab.
>> So, after all you might want to restore your backup of 11.04 which maybe
>> no longer starts due to grub problems caused by 11.10.
>> I figured out how to solve that, so you may ask if it happens to you too.
>> If you just backed up your settings and personal stuff, you should be
>> aware that a symple rsync does not takes hidden files in acount. The
>> things you wanted most take care off are lost.
>> to name a few:
>> .bash_history
>> .thunderbird
>> .mozilla
>> .kde/share/config/digikamrc
> Rsync perfectly handles hidden dot-files. If you run rsync like 'rsync
> -av * /dest/dir' this will not take dot-files but this is a limitation
> not bound to rsync.
> If you want to backup your home directory with rsync use 'rsync -av
> /home/user /dest/dir' instead.
> Just a tip: try rsync-backup run by cron. With this you get an
> incremental backup with history and plain files accessible via file
> management.
> And Rinus: try Fedora (either KDE or Gnome spin). They are up to date
> and at least I had no upgrade issues since a few versions with three of
> my hosts.
> Martin
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Thanks Martin, I have been thinking about that too. I tried Mint but it 
appeared unstable on my pc.
Btw, don´t know if it has anything to do with, but I rsync(ed) from an 
realy old live usb.

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