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Fri Oct 7 19:09:40 BST 2011

kde is not my favorite desktop environment. I prefer gnome. but that´s 
only a matter of taste.
I thought there was an effort a while ago to port digikam to quicktime 
to make it independent from kde, which makes it dependent of quicktime.
I think it would be great if there came  a fork of digikam that takes 
the grandiose, excellent, wonderful, splendid, magnificent, special, 
unique, exquisite, exclusive, unparalleled digikam architecture  as a 
fundament and build it up from the ground without all the needless 
complexities that makes it so prone to trouble.


Op 07-10-11 19:48, Andreas K. Huettel schreef:
> On Freitag 07 Oktober 2011 19:32:39 David Vincent-Jones wrote:
>> Of course this is plain heresy but .... looking at digikam installation
>> problems I have had and that others share on the forum, many of the
>> difficulties appear to be rooted in the tight integration of the program
>> along with the requirements of its desktop environment.
> Actually most of *these* problems occur because people try to run digikam with
> libraries that do not ship with the installed Linux distribution, or try to
> combine different sets of incompatible libraries. Seriously, if you want to be
> bleeding edge, either compile yourself (not too complicated), or use a
> bleeding edge distribution. :)
>> Are there graphic, or other, functions that can only be done under this
>> environment? I hardly think so. Is my desktop improved by the use of
>> this emulator? If so I do not see it.    ....... Are there any thoughts,
>> or moves towards, extracting Digikam into a more neutral environment?
> Probably impossible. The integration is pretty deep, and digikam uses a lot of
> KDE features. Then, of course, just because you're too lazy :o) to install
> kdelibs, that's not really a reason for the rest of us to lose the tight
> integration into our favourite desktop environment...
> Cheers,
> Andreas
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