[Digikam-users] Digikam memory usage

Alberto Ferrante alberto.ferrante at tiscali.it
Sun Nov 13 16:22:40 GMT 2011

Dear all,
in the latest days I have tried to import my collection of photos into
Digikam. Unfortunately I was not able: Digikam seems to require too
much memory to import even not so big albums. For example, to import a
folder with 3'000 picture Digikam used about 15GB of RAM (8 of RAM +
swap). I was not able to import other larger folders (with more than
10Kphotos) as Digikam was terminated after having filled all the
available memory (about 20GB).
I do not want to criticize this software (that looks very promising),
but I feel like a tool like this becomes really useful if you have a
large collection of photos (and this is why I would like to use it!).
Therefore, it should be designed to handle this situation. Probably
the computations after the collection read should be split in small
chunks to avoid this huge memory usage.

Any suggestion on how to make it work (besides using smaller
collections, that is not viable for me)?

Best regards,

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