[Digikam-users] Digikam 2.2 (Fedora 16) problems

Alberto Ferrante alberto.ferrante at tiscali.it
Thu Nov 10 23:12:18 GMT 2011

Hi all,
I really like Digikam and I would like to use it to manage my photo
archive. Unfortunately, though, I had quite some problems in adding my
collection of photos: I tried importing a folder with a couple of
thousands of photos and, after the folder scan, Digikam used more than
10GB of memory for a couple of minutes. When I tried adding another
bigger folder (say with 20-30'000 photos) it could not complete the
operation. After the folder scan it crashed after having filled up all
the available memory (say 7GB of RAM + 14 of swap...).
After that I tough that using mysql as a DB could improve things. Well,
unfortunately I wasn't able to use it neither: when I tried to create a
new Mysql DB from the preferences (or to import a DB in Mysql) I got an
error message stating "failed to create tables in database" (or "error
while creating the database schema" when trying to import). It is not a
problem with DB permissions (I even tried to use the DB admin account...).

Any suggestion on how to solve these problems? I would anyway prefer
using mysql.

Thanks for your help.


Home page: http://www.alari.ch/people/alberto
Photo galleries : http://albertoferrante.name
Public key: http://www.alari.ch/people/alberto/keys/yahoo.asc

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