[Digikam-users] Tag autoselect improving ?

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 22:17:45 GMT 2011

2011/11/7 Photonoxx <photonoxx at free.fr>:
> --Sorry one more time, I miss the select of the right email account for
> sending to digikam list, so may be this message will in double--
> Hi,
> Actually, Digikam tag selection offers four setting for autoselecting (or
> not) in a tag hierarchy.
> No auto select
> Auto select/unselect parents
> Auto select/unselect childs
> auto select/unselect both
> Can anybody could say me if there something like that in the digikam wish
> list
> Auto select parents / deselect childs ?
> I explain... Usually, I use this king of hierarchy
> Common tag/..../specific tag, like for example :
> Country/France/Normandy/Eure/Gisors
> If I would tag a picture with the "Gisors" town tag, it is coherent if I
> auto select parents, but if I tag too specifically and I decide to uncheck
> Gisors tag : All my hierarchy is unselect, which is not logical in this
> case, specific tag wouldn't avoid general tag...
> In an other hand, if I make a mistake and my picture was taken in england
> (yes, I'm really silly), if I uncheck France tag "Normandy/Eure/Gisors"
> stay checked, which is incoherent too (picture can't take place in Gisors
> but not in France !)
> So it seems to me, this could be really improved by adding an option to
> set this kind of behavior :
> If I check a tag, parents tags are checked too
> If I uncheck a tag, childs tags are unchecked too

Go to Tags tree view from Caption/tags sidebar, and show op-up menu.
Look "Toggle Auto" option on the bottom. It's not what you want ?


Gilles Caulier

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